Required Mortgage Documents

February 26, 2018 by Stacy Wells

Required Mortgage Documents

Applying for a mortgage can be rather daunting whether this be a first mortgage or a re-mortgage. Below is a summary of the main documents which most providers require for a typical mortgage.

Signed mortgage application and declaration

Your mortgage adviser will usually submit the application online, however the provider will require sight of the signed and dated declaration.

Signed Direct Debit Mandate

This is not usually required until the offer has been accepted, however if this is produced at outset it will avoid any unnecessary delays.

Latest months full bank statement

This is used as proof of address and can also be used as proof of income. This must clearly show the applicants name and current address. One to be provided for each applicant.

Copy of current passport

Used as proof of ID and again it will be required for each applicant.

Proof of income

This is used as proof of employment status and level of income. There are different requirements for employed or self employed.

If you’re employed – copies of the latest three months payslips. However. If you have been employed less than three months then a copy of the contract or employers letter will suffice.

If you’re self employed – copies of the last three years SA302 and tax calculations, if you have been self employed for less than three months then an accountants letter will suffice.Having these documents available and providing them to your mortgage adviser at outset will simplify and speed up the mortgage process, making it a much pleasanter experience.

However, depending on the complexity of the mortgage required the provider may request further supporting documentation throughout the mortgage process. Such as for further advances for home improvements you may be asked to provide building quotes.