We really listen to you

Getting the right mortgage for your life goals shouldn’t be complicated. But you need a mortgage broker who really listens to your needs, and who can identify a mortgage that will work for you – not just for the next year or two, but for the many years to come. Here at FundU the subtle art of listening is alive and well. Talk to us today about finding the perfect mortgage for your future – you can put your trust in us.

A truly personal approach

Taking out a mortgage is a big deal. It’s an emotional process that requires a personal touch. Here at FundU we strive to understand what having the ideal mortgage will mean for your life, for your family and for your future. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way. Jargon-light and gimmick-free – we simply offer a deep-rooted knowledge of how the UK mortgage market works, and how to identify the mortgage that best fits your life goals. Benefit from our years’ of experience.

A simple, transparent process

Nothing gets the heart racing quite like taking out a mortgage. But here at FundU we employ a clear-headed, straightforward approach to minimise your stress levels. Our simple, transparent process ensures you’re fully up-to-date throughout. We’ve kept the jargon down to a bare minimum – and will help you complete all the paperwork.

We make it easy for you

FundU harnesses cutting-edge technology – but with a genuinely human touch. We take the time to discuss your needs, then identify a mortgage that fits perfectly. We ensure the paperwork is a cinch, communicate in plain English, and keep you updated throughout. It’s the simplest, easiest way to find the best mortgage for your future. Talk to FundU today.

Basic Calculator

Find out the numbers you need in a jiffy. Calculate the basic cost-per-month and the total cost over the life of the mortgage, including fees and interest. Simply input the mortgage amount, term, interest, fees and mortgage type.

Basic Calculator

Shows basic cost per month assuming a selected interest rate and term or OF the mortgage.

Buy To Let

Do you have one or more investment properties? Use this calculator to work out the figures. Here at FundU we are specialists in finding the most competitive buy-to-let deals. Whether it’s an individual loan or a portfolio loan over a number of properties – we can help. And if you want to release some equity from your portfolio for further investments, or to pay other costs, talk to us today.

Saving for a deposit

Find out how long you’d need to save for a deposit, based on the property price and percentage of the value you need to put down. The deposit size could make a big difference to the mortgage deal you can get; a bigger deposit could give you more options, lower rates and lower repayments.

Stamp Duty

Calculate the Stamp Duty on your residential property in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Stamp Duty (SDLT) is payable if you buy a property for more than £125,000 (£40,000 for additional homes). Anyone purchasing an additional home – including buy-to-let properties – will have to pay a 3% surcharge on top of each Stamp Duty band.

Borrow Amount

Calculate your Borrow Amount based on a simple income multiple. Bear in mind providers calculate how much they’ll lend based on both your income and your outgoings – so the more costs you have each month, the less you can borrow. This calculator provides a useful indication of your Borrow Amount, but should be used as a guide only.